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"This" is about inspiring passion and breathing life into ideas. Collaboration in research and technology can help push the boundaries of car audio. Its never too late to take a fresh look at some of the most commonly used techniques today, and try to improve upon them. Do something different, do it better, then do it again.
Seven Believes in clear and concise points with transparent sales and customer service. Likewise we wanted a simple, clean, easy to navigate website. Our old website had too much flash in the design. We hope our customers (and haters) alike (we see you) find this website has more information and is easier to use. Come back often because we are rolling out new products almost monthly, some of which are brand new-to-market never before seen materials and/or methods.

Apparel by Seven; A lot of emphasis goes into the design of even the simplest things, such as a T-shirt. For us, having a logo on a shirt, is not important, having comfort in all the right places, is however, important.

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Seven Series (the ss);
The "ss tag" came later on after the name of the company. Seven has (ss) and (ss) with one website. "Sonic Shock" is a term derived from lighting and thunder and was an alternative name before "Seven". But there you have it, the same abbreviation "SS" for several different things.The Seven Series 1000 subwoofer, to the right, is a ten inch model with a nominal power rating of 1000w RMS. We currently have five subwoofer models; a 6.5", a Ten inch, two 12" inch subwoofers (both 2000w RMS) and one fifteen inch with an RMS rating of 5,500 watts.