Below are specs on the fifteen inch subwoofer, the ss5500 (Fifteen inch High Performance Subwoofer by SEVEN, black basket):
  • Over-sized (polymer infused) Foam Surround
  • Large Push Terminals
  • Watts: 5,500w RMS, 11,000w peak
  • Size: 15inch,129lbs
  • Mounting depth: 12 5/8 with gasket/seal, (14 1/4" total sub height)
  • High efficiency FEA optimized quad stacked motor
  • 4inch, high performance dual voice coils (DVC) 1ohm
  • Tripple Nomex Spider
  • Large terminals for big guage wire

fs/fms: 23.2hz
Qms: 5.39
Rms: 12.2 - kg/s
Nret: 0.46%
VAS: 88.2 L
RES: 285.6ohm
Bt: 23.9 N/A
Qes: 0.23
Cms: 0.10
Rp: 42.6 ohm
Le: 3.69 mH
Re: 1.0 ohm
Qts: 0.22
Mms 452.5gr
SPL: 88.6 dB
Lp: 61.8 mH
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The ss5500 (SEVEN Subwoofer, 15") performs well, generally speaking in 6-8 cubes (6 if overpowered (not typical), eight if under). Tuning is preference. 15-17 sq inch port diameter per cube. And remember the 15" its self is near a cube displacement. The power handling on the 15 is big, and takes a serious set up to "get its attention". Because of this, a larger enclosure will usually perform better. Users are even building as large as 9 square foot cube per one single 15. We invite your feedback, always...